Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon Update

Jack has reported that the cost of fuel in the Dominican Republic has skyrocketed from $1.50/gal yesterday to $6.75/gal today, raising the total fuel cost of a plan to Haiti to nearly $40,000, making travel even more difficult. He will be staying at the Miami airport tonight and expects to fly out sometime tomorrow. He appreciates the support of so many who are helping to ship $17,000 worth of medical supplies via FedEx. He reports that the Director of Operations at the airport is contributing cases of baby formula. He would also like to express his support of everyone who has gotten in touch with him today. I will make an effort to ensure that any comments left on this blog for the Cleveland team will be relayed to Jack via BlackBerry.

Tuesday Morning Update

Jack flew out of Cleveland this morning at 6:05am on American Airlines flight 4384 arriving in Chicago at 6:30am. His flight left Chicago at 7:35am on AA 1048 arriving in Miami at 11:45am.

There are over 400 people on the waiting list to go from Miami to Haiti. Only 60 planes can land in Haiti each day. Jack and his team are fortunate enough to be cleared to go on the 1:00pm flight out of Miami.