Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Letter from Haitian Community Hospital

I came across this letter of thanks from the Haitian Community Hospital where Team Cleveland volunteered. At their peak, the hospital was treating nearly 700 patients a day, up from their average 140 patients a day before the earthquake. The Haiti Press Network announced that USAID plans to donate $400,000 worth of equipment for a new, permanent operating room for the hospital. To read the article (only available in French), please click here.

Mesi Anpil!
Merci Beaucoup!
Thank you, Very Much!

Because of the outpouring of support we received from individuals like you, L'Hôpital de la Communauté Haïtienne was able to:

* provide care for approximately 5,000 victims of the earthquake, free of charge
* feed patients, hospital staff, and volunteers, as well as their families, when markets and grocery stores were not opened
* distribute tarps and tents to those who had lost their homes, including members of the hospital staff
* distribute toiletries and clothing to patients and hospital staff, as well as their families
* host medical volunteers from the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Haiti, Aruba, Jamaica, Sweden, Dominican Republic, Germany, Spain, France, Canada, Korea, Australia, Portugal, Hungary, Bangladesh, and Japan

With your support, we have suspended all fees. At present, the hospital cares for approximately 200 patients a day. Many of these patients were victims of the earthquake who are receiving follow-up care, undergoing revision surgeries, and are being fitted with prostheses.

We extend sincere gratitude to each and every donor and volunteer. The hospital would not have withstood this catastrophe without your contribution.

Foundation Haïtienne de la Santé et de l'Education /
Haitian Health and Education Foundation Board of Directors
Georges Celcis, President
Dr. Edith Hudicourt, Vice President
Ysabelle Roy, General Secretary
Maurice Acra, Treasurer
Georges Hudicourt
Elly Maudy Chauvet
Dr. Nancy Xantus
Willaim Phipps

Hôpital de la Communauté Haïtienne / Haitian Community Hospital Staff
Jean Adrien, General Director
Dr. Marie Claude Francois, Medical Director

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